My Second Beautiful – Mike

Here we go with the “yucky love stuff”:  The story of Mike and I.

Meet Mike, he’s my other half, sometimes by better half if you will.  We met a little over 8 years ago but offically started dating just a little over 6.  We met while working in the same office, he was the lab guy and I was the young receptionist. Hot, right? We used to go out for coffee and lunch together and when I was broke he’d sometimes buy me coffee and lunch.   We were both involved in serious relationships at the time making our friendship grow.  Then one day his relationship ended and the one I was in shortly after.

He invited me over one night for beers and chips (the only thing he had in his apartment) we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, 6am to be exact, just chatting and laughing.  I remember that day like it was yesterday 🙂 We drank Canadian Beer and dined on chips and salsa, he smelt yummy, he wore jeans and this sexy Harley Davidson jacket, hair combed, big blue eyes and a smile to die for. He was sweet, kind, warm and  lucky for me, he’s still that person to this very day.  The next morning he dropped me off at the skytrain so I could spend the day with my mom, who was having surgery on her knee. That evening I packed another bag and back to Mikes place I went. This is where is gets good – the night I came back would be the night I never left. We have lived together since the first day we started dating.

We had decided not tell anyone we worked with that we were dating.  A secret we were able to keep for about 11 months.  We broke the news to everyone at the end of 2004 to tell them “we” would be missing the company Christmas party because we were off to Florida for Christmas.  This trip was amazing, I got to meet his dad, his 84 year old grandfather and it was the first time he told me he loved me.

Our relationship grew and grew, we fought, we cried, we laughed but most importantly, we loved.  On our year anniversary we received the sad news that my grandmother had past away 😦 Off to my parents house we went to spend the evening with my family, we spent the night reminiscing about my grandmother and all the wonderful time we spent with her.  Because of this night we are very fond of making our year anniversaries about my grandmother and the half years about us.  On our year and a half anniversary Mike adopted for me my first pet, just for me, one to call my own. (note: I grew up with cats, and when I moved out of my parents they had recently purchased a dog, but the cat Mike adopted me was just for me, every part of her, even the litter box) He adopted our beautiful Ragdoll cat, Stella. She was amazing, beautiful, wonderful and loving.  I will leave it at that right now only because she’s so special she will get her own post – here she is.

Summer of 2006 we went on our first big road trip!!! We decided to head to the US of A – Shout out to my twitter friends in America! We drove the coast highway, Washington, Oregon and California, ending in San Francisco where we spent 3 days and I fell in love.  If I had to live anywhere, it would probably be San Fran, it reminds me so much of Vancouver it’s ridiculous! After San Fran we went to Reno for 4 days – had the time of our lives.

Summer of 2008 we went to Ottawa for Mikes big family reunion and to say a sad farewell to his 96 year old grandfather who had recently passed away.  I was so happy to have met his grandfather in 2004, he was a kind soul, who was funny and enjoyable to be around.

We’ve been to Calgary to visit friends, camping in BC, done overnighters in Whistler, had camp-outs in the living room, gone on bike rides, long walks and haven’t done many of these things without each other.  We’ve even been to our fair share of costume/theme parties 🙂

In 2008 we had the opportunity to “foster” a dog 🙂 something we’ve always wanted to do, not because we wanted something to take care of then give back but because our apartment isn’t dog friendly.  Any excuse for us to have a dog was a good excuse and our landlord was very understanding of “special circumstances”.  Mike went and picked up Magnum on September 12th 2009 and much like myself he came and never left.  Our landlord allowed us to keep him if we promised he wouldn’t be a problem. Here we are, a year and a half later with this little critter – he’s awesome.

I would like to take a moment and thank Magnum. Magnum has been nothing but an amazing dog – he’s brought us closer together and helped us make some of the most amazing friends we have today (they will also get their own post) mostly, I have to thank Magnum for Brandee (aka @Babe_Chilla) I met Brandee February 2009 and because of our dogs and some special circumstances, they brought us together – Brandee is an incredible person, I’m so thankful to know her – thank you Magnum and thanks for being such a great friend, Brandee.

I skipped a lot of stuff, but this is a blog, not my memoirs. I’m speeding us up to 2010.  We’ve had an amazing 2010 (minus the month of January – I also save this for another post) we hit 6 years, the Olympics came to Vancouver, Brandee had a baby, I reconnected with an old friend, made some new ones, had some laughs, some cries, but most of all had a great time. My biggest news to share for 2010 is that I asked Mike to marry me! It was a beautiful day in Stanley Park, a place where we spend most of our time, I had a ring and it was perfect, minus the fact I forgot what I wanted to say I was so nervous.  We have no plans to get married anytime soon, we’re thinking 2012 and probably in Vegas – we will marry in a small chapel with an Elvis impersonator and probably have our reception at Pink Taco – why you might ask, I respond with why not?  We will have fun and the day will be about us.

Mike is the person who makes me smile, makes everyday worth waking up for, he has always been there for me – I can’t imagine life without him and if you knew him you’d know why.  I love him.

That is our story, well most of it and I think it’s beautiful.

~ by G_Bugg on May 5, 2010.

27 Responses to “My Second Beautiful – Mike”

  1. Such a cute story. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Keep up the good posts. 🙂

  2. Aw, you guys are cute. I wish Nick and I were adorable like that, but we’re like train wrecks on parallel tracks. I am so excited about your blog! Keep up the good work – it’s a fun read, and great pictures.

    • Thanks Emily! I’m so happy you like it – I’m not a writer so that means a lot coming from you! You and Nick rock! Also, we’re not always so cute.. funniest thing about us – I’m not a writer, he’s great with grammar so I made him proof read the post about himself. ha.

  3. Aww…

  4. You guys are adorable!!! ❤

  5. Great story!
    And so fun to get to know you.
    Can’t wait to hear more–you’ve left some great empty spots to fill in!

  6. You guys are soooooo cute! It is totally awesome!

    Next post should perhaps be about killing unicorns or teenage bout with bulemia.

    You know, to balance things out a bit.

    LOVE LOVE your photos. Today’s favorite? Way blonde you peeking over shoulder of grey-tee-shirted loved one.


    • Noted. Next Post will be about starving teenagers who ride unicorns with no clothes on. totally random.

      Know what’s funny about the photo you like, I’m not wearing any pants, just underwear, that’s why I’m hiding. Thinking I might have to go back to blond now too. 🙂

      Thanks for being so awesome!

  7. Alright . . . I am acknowledging here that I am a bit of a perfectionist. I cannot believe that I misspelled bulimia.

    Have to go barf now.

  8. Such a sweet story! Y’all are too cute together.

  9. Aww I love your story! Congrats on getting engaged. Come visit us USA people more often. I would love to go to Canada.

    • Thanks & Thanks! 🙂 We will be visiting soon, I hope! We’d love to do another coast highway trip and If not soon, def in 2012 to get hitched in Las Vegas!!!

  10. Hey gorgeous! Love this post. I’m putting together something like this to be posted for our anniversary in June. I must ask – what program are you using to make those collages? I am totally in love with them! You two are beyond cute and you are way more awesome than I can make up words for 🙂 XO

    • 🙂 Thanks! 🙂 I look forward to your yucky love post! how long will you have been together come June?

      I’ve been using Picnik – get the upgrade (24 a year) it’s totally worth it.

      you and all your compliments are going to stain my face red from blushing so much!

      You’re amazingsauce!

      🙂 xo

      • How long have we been together? That’s a good question – even we can’t answer that…it’ll all make sense when I post though 🙂 June 1st will be our one year anniversary of living together…we figure that’s a pretty good anniversary date.
        Go on and blush…it multiplies my girl crush by a bazillion 😉 So glad we found each other cuz you are tons of fun

  11. What a cute story! Love all the pictures and Congrats on the engagement!

  12. wow – it isn’t often that I come across such a recently started blog! this is exciting… and I like how you are introducing yourself with such a personal story!

  13. you guys remind me so much of mercer and I through out our relationship. Lots of goodtimes! =)

    • 🙂 It’s so fun being with someone who’s so fun!!! You and Mercer are a great match, I love seeing your pics, and reading your posts, and of course, watching your VLOG!!! I want to see another one, and soon! Mike and I plan on doing a vlog, we just need to muster up the courage, or drink a lot.
      Love ya!

  14. I have passed along the versatile blogger award to you. Check it out! From the May 17th post. xoxo

  15. You are 2 cute. I am so happy Mike brought
    you to Ottawa- was finally able to meet you. Soooo happy for you 2!
    Hope I can find true crazy love like you 2 have one day. Luv you!! xox

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