this isn’t beautiful – VLOG

So… Mike and I have this on going argument about how to pronounce the word “VLOG”.  I say VLOG, like how would say Blog… he says V – Log… it’s stupid, he makes no sense.   I did a twitter pole last night and clearly I won, he still refuses to think he’s wrong….  We did a very SHORT VLOG last night after we argued.. here it is. Note: WordPress was being an asshole last night and wouldn’t let me upload my video, so I had to post it to Mikes Tumblr site – have a watch there and comment back here 🙂

Click here for OUR VLOG

Oh Ya,  as I was getting ready to post this Mike pipes up with “you’re gonna put a V-Log on your blog”… me “It’s VLOG, idiot”

That is love.

1 more thing… I sound weird, and look funny – don’t judge this girl on her late night VLOGGING.




~ by G_Bugg on August 10, 2010.

One Response to “this isn’t beautiful – VLOG”

  1. Interesting…I’ve actually never heard of anyone calling it a “V” “Log” nor have I ever heard anyone calling a “Blog” a “B” “Log”. I guess it doesn’t matter how you actually say it since it’s spelled the same way, Vlog each time. And the reality is most of the time you’re going to be reading this to yourself and nobody will ever hear actually how you pronounce it. Unless of course you’re running a Vlog in which case people will always hear how you pronounce it. That was a mouth full!

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