My 7th Beauty – Wordless Wednesday: The Shocker

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My 6th Beautiful: Wordless Wednesday

•August 18, 2010 • 3 Comments

So… This is me and Brandee’s husband comparing food babies last summer.  WOW, right?

My 5th beautiful: Wordless Wednesday – Family.

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this isn’t beautiful – VLOG

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So… Mike and I have this on going argument about how to pronounce the word “VLOG”.  I say VLOG, like how would say Blog… he says V – Log… it’s stupid, he makes no sense.   I did a twitter pole last night and clearly I won, he still refuses to think he’s wrong….  We did a very SHORT VLOG last night after we argued.. here it is. Note: WordPress was being an asshole last night and wouldn’t let me upload my video, so I had to post it to Mikes Tumblr site – have a watch there and comment back here 🙂

Click here for OUR VLOG

Oh Ya,  as I was getting ready to post this Mike pipes up with “you’re gonna put a V-Log on your blog”… me “It’s VLOG, idiot”

That is love.

1 more thing… I sound weird, and look funny – don’t judge this girl on her late night VLOGGING.



My 4th beautiful: Rainy Summer Day

•August 7, 2010 • 3 Comments

Well, it’s a rainy summer day… One of the VERY FEW we’ve had since July.  It’s refreshing, beautiful, relaxing and given us a reason to stay inside and be lazy.  The best part of today is the fact that I’ve convince Mike to let me play with his fancy-pants camera.  🙂

Once I started shooting he took it away, he was like a kid, the kid that wants to play with the toy your playing with.  He tried to take a photo of me, but like I said it’s a lazy Saturday thus I haven’t showered, done my makeup or my hair – so I hid and showed him how I felt.

Even the dog’s been lazy, he fell asleep on my lap 3 times, he twitched, and shook, and stuck his tongue out.  Once I moved, he crawled under the coffee table for some more quiet time.

He hasn’t touched his favorite toy once today… here it lays on the kitchen floor, feeling sorry for itself…

I’ve painted my toenails, enjoyed looking at the photo album that is our fridge, watched the raindrops fall outside, had a glass of wine, watched Mike, lounged in my sweat pants (while wearing my favorite slippers) and admired the plant that Mike has managed to keep alive for the past 5 years.  (Note: If that plant was left for me to care for it would have died 5 years ago.)

Today’s been a great day and in a few short hours we’ll put our party hats and drinking faces on, it’s Lori’s birthday so it’s time for some cheer! 🙂



Wordless Wednesday: Our Little Friend, Malcolm

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Wordless Wednesday: New Hats

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